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Our Mission

LCLAA’s Trabajadoras campaign aims to empower Latina workers across the United States in all sectors and industries, with an emphasis on Latina union members, by providing them with the information that they need to improve their working conditions, while also creating a network for solidarity, support, and advancement. It is also focused on raising awareness about how Latinas fare in the U.S. labor force. Furthermore, LCLAA is committed to lifting up the powerful Latina leaders in the labor movement and workforce whose work benefits our economy and country every day.

About the Trabajadoras Campaign

Latina workers face many challenges and are disproportionately vulnerable to violations of wage and hour laws and safety regulations. LCLAA launched its Trabajadoras campaign in 2012 to meet the unique needs of Latina workers. First, LCLAA published a substantive report on the issues that Latina workers face and it subsequently launched an advocacy strategy to elevate their needs and priorities.

Since that time it has become abundantly clear that while Latinas comprise a growing percentage of the workforce, they are also susceptible to serious and wide-spread violations of their rights; from earning just 54 cents to the dollar as compared to their white male counterparts— less than any other woman worker— to experiencing rampant sexual harassment and sexual violence in the workplace.

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fact 1While the unemployment rate for Latinas more than doubled between 2007 and 2010, many Latina workers are the breadwinners for their families. Despite how essential the income of Latina workers is, they are underpaid and overrepresented in the lowest paying job sectors. It is estimated that Latina workers stand to lose $1 million or more over a 40-year period in the labor force due to the wage gap.

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lclaa trabajadoras fact 3Sadly, the violations against Latinas are not isolated to one industry, income bracket or sector. Many Latina workers, despite industry or profession, are subject to many of the same reprehensible and unlawful conditions.

To improve their working conditions, Latinas have been organizing in their workplaces and communities. They have become members and leaders in unions, worker centers and union-affiliated groups. Union membership has a dramatic impact on improving the lives of Latina workers. Trabajadoras, or Latina workers, who are represented by unions make $242 more per week and are more likely to have access to healthcare when compared to nonunionized trabajadoras. By 2022, Hispanic women are projected to account for 17.3% of the female labor force and 8.1% of the total labor force.

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fact 6Our Strategy

In order to achieve its goals, LCLAA utilizes a three-pronged strategy to meet the unique needs of Latina workers.

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Most importantly, Latina workers will advise our strategy to ensure that the Trabajadoras’ campaign priorities, tools and resources truly address the concerns of Latina workers in a manner that is accessible and appropriate.

Act Now!

Abusive and unscrupulous employers often try to make Latina workers feel defenseless against any wrongdoing. We know that this is not true. Latina workers are powerful. Trabajadoras make meaningful contributions to the US workforce for the benefit of our entire nation.

Trabajadoras deserve the same benefits, treatment and opportunities as all other workers. Trabajadoras want equality, respect and justice.

Trabajadoras are organizing to ensure that they know their rights and how to assert them. They are working together to build power, to hold abusive employers and bosses accountable and to be in control of their own futures.




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