As We Continue to Advocate for Workers Who Face Unfair Wages and Health Risks At Work 

“Without a union, the people are always cheated, and they are so innocent,” 

-Cesar Chavez 

March 31, 2019
Contact: Andrea Arenas:

Washington D.C.- Cesar Chavez dedicated his life to improving the working conditions of thousands of farmworkers, whose labor fed families across our nation, yet they would often face hunger due to low wages. His passion was working for his people, for his community, and organizing workers to demand fair wages and to improve the working conditions and quality of life of working families.Today, his legacy resonates within every corner of our nation. His message of unity, and resilience are as relevant as ever, as Latinos, and immigrants face constant attacks. 

Over two decades have gone by since the passing of this great leader, advocate, worker and brother, yet farmworkers still face many health risks from pesticides, painters are exposed to chemicals that have been proven to be linked to dozens of deaths, all while this administration attempts to erode the rights of working people and unions. 

“Today we celebrate the life of a man who chose to stand up for all women and men, a worker whose cause was to build a better future for other workers,” said Yanira Merino LCLAA National President.Today, we carry on his work. We have the responsibility and moral duty to give continuance to his legacy, and this means standing up for our sisters and brothers whenever they face an injustice, this means becoming stronger through the power of unionization, ultimately this means forging a better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren.”

“Cesar Chavez’s voice generated a movement aimed at empowering workers. At least two decades have gone by since this great leader left us, yet the echo of that voice resonates and continues to inspire Latinos and immigrants, as well as all workers across our nation,” said Hector Sanchez Barba, LCLAA Executive Director. “LCLAA embodies the spirit of the movement that our brother began, fighting for equality, justice and dignity! Si se puede!”