This Decision Represents A Victory In The Fight For Equal Pay

March 5, 2019                                                                                                                                                                                             Contact: Andrea Arenas:


Washington D.C.- On Monday a Federal Judge ruled to reinstate an Obama-era rule where companies had to report on salary data and which the Trump Administration chose to reverse abruptly on August 2017. The equal pay data collection efforts had been the result of a six-year process, aimed at enforcing equal pay laws, and that the current administration blocked. LCLAA along with the National Women’s Law Center, represented by lawyers at Democracy Forward and NWLC, filed a suit against the Trump administration for illegally rolling back critical pay transparency requirements intended to root out discrimination and close the wage gap.

“This administration’s move aimed at rolling back efforts aimed at providing transparency, fairness, and equality constitutes yet another attack,” said Yanira Merico LCLAA National President. However, LCLAA was up for the fight. By standing up against these illegal acts, we were able to hold the line to protect the interests of women of all races and colors, as well as other minorities.”

“This ruling is very important for millions workers because it empowers them to continue working towards closing the unfair and discriminatory pay gap that haunts them,” said Hector Sanchez Barba, LCLAA Executive Director.Most importantly, it is proof that the Trump administration is not above the law, and that we can win these battles.”

“The Trump Administration has centered its efforts on dismantling gains made under the Obama administration,including attacking workers’ rights. Latinas have been among the most affected,” said Mónica Ramírez, Justice For Migrant Women Founder and Latina Equal Pay Day campaign organizer. “This ruling represents a crucial step to combat discrimination against women and other workers. We applaud this ruling and remain committed to continue to fight for pay equity.”