Hope in a More Promising, Just, and Inclusive Nation is Blooming - LCLAA


Washington D.C. – This morning, our nation swore in its 46th President. A day which despite the challenges imposed by the raging pandemic and divisiveness nurtured by the outgoing administration, was nonetheless a historic and promising moment for a nation yearning to heal.  

President Biden is committed to getting the coronavirus under control and providing the necessary help to families, workers, and those affected by this pandemic. We will continue to urge the incoming administration to guarantee access for all workers to free vaccines and rapid testing. Additionally, workers need to have access to personal protective equipment, paid sick days, paid family leave, and child care for all workers. 

For nearly a year, Latino and immigrant workers have borne the brunt of this debilitating pandemic. Therefore it will be critical to tackle and eradicate the challenges of systemic racism- which is intricately connected to the ongoing public health and economic crises. In this regard, we demand this administration to address structural racial inequities that have survived for far too long within our nation’s health care, education, the criminal justice system, and labor market, to name a few. 

Currently there are nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants who also count on this administration to pass fair and comprehensive immigration legislation. We urge President Biden to put a stop to the construction of the shameful border wall, end  the incarceration of immigrant children, reunite families and, reinstate and expand protections for nearly 700,000 Dreamers, and 300,000 TPS recipients, many of whom have risked their lives as essential and frontline workers during this pandemic.

LCLAA is hopeful the Biden-Harris administration and the newly elected Congress will work together towards overcoming the current health and economic crisis. We are eager to begin working and say, “manos a la obra, here’s to the reconstruction of home,” and to a more promising future that knows the value of democracy.

“I am full of hope for our country today as we celebrate the inauguration of our 46th president,” said Jose Vargas, LCLAA Executive Director. “This day signifies the hope and challenges of a people disenfranchised by the outgoing administration and we can never allow this to happen again. El pueblo está unido – together we must work to build a more inclusive and tolerant society for all.” 



The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) is the leading national organization for Latino(a) workers and their families. LCLAA was born in 1972 out of the need to educate, organize and mobilize Latinos in the labor movement and has expanded its influence to organize Latinos in an effort to impact workers’ rights and their influence in the political process. LCLAA represents the interest of more than 2 million Latino workers in the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), The Change to Win Federation, Independent Unions, and all its members. Visit LCLAA on the web at www.lclaa.org, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram