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Super Tuesday: 14 States, one U.S. Territory, 1,357 Delegates at Stake

Washington D.C.- Super Tuesday is here, which means there are 14 primary elections taking place: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia. 

An estimated two-in-three Latino eligible voters live in five states, two of which are holding primary elections today. With 7.9 million Latino eligible voters, California is home to the nation’s largest Latino electorate, followed by Texas with 5.6 million.

In both of these states, the Latino electorate shares a series of concerns that they want to see addressed by the presidential candidate they vote for: In California, 30% of voters are concerned with the elevated cost of health care. In Texas, the same issue worries 35% of Latinos. In both states, improving wages and incomes is also a top issue for this segment of the population with 20% and 23% of Latino voters in California and Texas respectively. Racism and discrimination against Latinos and immigrants are viewed as a major problem for 85% of eligible Latino voters in California, the same is true 76% of this segment of the population in Texas. 


These, among many other issues that concern our Latino voting sisters and brothers, can only be addressed and changed through our engagement and commitment. Voting gives our communities a voice and a unique opportunity to elect candidates that are listening and devoted to uplift, protect and advance our priorities. Today we vote! 

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