LCLAA Mourns the Loss of Innocent Lives in El Paso and Dayton - LCLAA


We Emphatically Condemn This Administration’s Racist and Divisive Rhetoric

Washington D.C.- This weekend 22 people were killed in El Paso, Texas, a city comprised with 83% Latino population. They were the victims of hate, of a vicious and incendiary discourse, where Latino, and immigrants are portrayed as invaders, criminals, drug dealers and rapists. Less than 24 hours later, Dayton, Ohio, woke up to the same nightmare of violence and bloodshed. The racist and bigotted rhetoric coming from this administration has emboldened white nationalists. These nefarious acts of hatred and violence will not desensitize our communities, neither will they feed into a climate of fear.
Today LCLAA joined a prominent group of national Latino organizations for a rally against white supremacy. This call to action was aimed at demanding government officials to put an immediate end to the violent and criminal conduct coming from the White House.
LCLAA is committed to our Latino and immigrant sisters and brothers across the nation, we pledge to continue organizing and advocating for policies that can guarantee the safety and well being of immigrants.
“The policies pushed forward by this administration have targeted our sisters and brothers, they have been aimed at criminalizing and dehumanizing immigrants,” said Yanira Merino, LCLAA National President. “We need to hold our elected officials accountable. Above all, we need to elect leaders capable of representing our nation’s diversity and who can embrace unity, justice, and freedom for all.”
“There should be no place in our nation for these heinous attacks against Latino, immigrants and minorities, said Hector Sanchez Barba, LCLAA Executive Director. “We must stand in unity and demand an end to these fear inflicting policies. LCLAA is committed to continue fighting for a future that is more inclusive and accepting of minorities. We will continue our work to organize, mobilize and resist!”

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