LCLAA shares its condolences with the families of the victims of this mass shooting and denounces the escalating gun violence in America. - LCLAA


May 27, 2021
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LCLAA shares its condolences with the families of the victims of this mass shooting and denounces the escalating gun violence in America. Washington D.C.- Yesterday a gunman opened fire on coworkers at the Santa Clara VTA light rail yard in San Jose, California, leaving eight dead before turning the gun on himself and taking his own life. The VTA is a public transit service that operates bus and light rail services to the Santa Clara Valley community.

These were essential workers who set out from their homes to perform their duties and keep the city moving through the pandemic. In addition, they worked to provide their families with the daily essentials of life, never imagining that they would not be returning home at the end of their shift. As a result, families should never have to worry if their loved ones will return home after doing their jobs. They were our brothers and sisters from ATU Local 265 – San Jose, CA.

This tragedy is yet another reminder of the continued gun violence that has plagued our nation in recent years and one that has fallen on deaf ears of many legislatures. Therefore, it is paramount that comprehensive gun reform legislation is passed.

“It is a horrible day for the city of Santa Clara,” said Jose Vargas, Executive Director of LCLAA, “and equally as difficult for the labor movement because these victims were members of the ATU Union family, and we share in their grief.”

Help ATU members impacted by the San Jose shooting

It has been a difficult year for transit workers. But today hit especially hard. The ATU suffered an incredible loss at a Santa Clara VTA rail yard where our Local 265-San Jose, CA members work. There were multiple fatalities and injuries. Nobody should ever have to worry about walking into their jobs and fear for their safety. Survivors of this horrific shooting will be dealing with the aftermath for a very long time.

Our members have always supported our brothers and sisters in dire need, and now it’s time we show our support again. We call on all ATU Locals and members to help our San Jose brothers and sisters impacted by this tragic shooting by contributing through the ATU Disaster Relief Fund. Donations can be made online here or by mailing a check to:

Amalgamated Transit Union
Disaster Relief Fund
10000 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20903
Attn: John A. Costa


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