WASHINGTON, DC— LCLAA applauds the introduction of the U.S. Citizenship Act - LCLAA


WASHINGTON, DC— LCLAA applauds the introduction of the U.S. Citizenship Act

February 18, 2021

Contact: National LCLAA


Today the Biden administration took a bold leap in ensuring a pathway for Citizenship for the more than 11 million undocumented people, including TPS holders, Dreamers, and Agricultural Workers in the United States. They are essential members of our communities. The “U.S. Citizenship Act,” an extensive common-sense bill introduced today by Senator Menendez, Rep. Linda Sanchez, leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and other members of Congress, seems to correct many of the inequities established by the previous administration that were deeply rooted in anti-immigration rhetoric.

At first glance, the bill sets to humanize immigrants by providing a concrete pathway for Citizenship which is in stark contrast to the inhumane anti-immigration policies from the past. This bill would also prioritize family reunification, boost our economy, address the root causes of migration, and most importantly, strengthen worker protections.

Immigrants have continued to work on the frontlines as our healthcare workers, teachers, farmworkers, domestic workers, grocery workers, and among many other essential industries, and this eight-year pathway finally gives them a much-deserved opportunity to become citizens.

While the U.S. Citizenship Act is a significant first step to provide relief for many, we have to ensure that it is inclusive of all workers. As advocates, LCLAA will continue to advocate on behalf of all working families regardless of their immigration status.

“Congress must take swift action and pass the U. S. Citizenship Act 2021 and provide a pathway to citizenship for DACA, DED, TPS holders and the 11 million undocumented workers whose contributions strengthen our economy and country”, said Evelyn Dejesus, LCLAA’s National Secretary Treasurer and AFT’s Executive Vice President. The time to pass bold and inclusive immigration policies is now!”

“For much too long undocumented workers have had to contend with an inhuman immigration policy meant to keep them disenfranchised, said Jose Vargas, Executive Director of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement; these men and women, many of whom are frontline workers, deserve better, and the introduction of the U.S. Citizenship Act is the first positive step towards obtaining their Citizenship.”


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