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As we Highlight the Multiple Reasons to Take Offense on Goya’s CEO Comments


Washington D.C.- On Thursday, July 8, Goya Foods CEO, Robert Unanue, praised President Trump, saying that our nation was “truly blessed” for having a leader like him, and highlighting that “we have an incredible builder” as our nation’s leader. 

Goya, which calls itself our nation’s largest Hispanic-owned food company, has also positioned itself as a staple of Latino cuisine and flavor. Nonetheless, Unanue’s comments yesterday reveal a complete disregard for Latino and immigrants across the United States, who have- and continue to be- viciously attacked by this administration. 


For the past four years Latino and immigrants in the United States have endured derogatory comments from Trump. This administration’s anti-immigrant policies have been characterized by their inhumanity and complete disregard for the value of human life. 


This week, Trump’s administration announced that international students, who contribute to our nation’s economy, have to choose between going to in person classes- and thus risk contracting COVID-19- or risk being deported. Since Trump took office, thousands of immigrants have been stolen from their liberty and locked in detention centers, where they face abhorrent living conditions. Entire families have been separated, and kids locked in cages, deprived of their basic human rights. Workers who hold Temporary Protective Status are living in limbo, as this president has vowed to end this program. These are but a few of the countless policies and rules implemented by Trump. 


Therefore, the comments made by Mr. Unanue fails to contextualize the reality that his consumers and workers face, minimize systemic racism, and neglect the overall need for unity and change. 


“While it is true that we all have the right to an opinion, as well as the liberty to express it, Mr. Unanue’s comment belittles and completely turns a blind eye to the countless policies, hateful rhetoric, and vicious attacks perpetrated by this administration against Latino and immigrant communities.” said Yanira Merino, LCLAA National President. “Both Trump and Unanue seem to be out of touch with the reality that our communities face. True leadership does not ignore injustice, racism, and  hate, but unifies and upholds our most sacred values of equality, justice and freedom for all.”

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