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LCLAA se enorgullece más que nunca, en el marco del Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana, de representar los intereses de más de 2 millones de trabajadores latinos sindicalizados en los Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico.

Celebrar el Mes de la Herencia Hispana, es celebrar los valores que comparten las millones de familias latinas, que con su trabajo y esfuerzo engrandecen esta nación.  Sabiendo que los valores más profundos de nuestra comunidad nos distinguen siempre, celebrar este mes significa reconocer a nuestras familias, a nuestros jóvenes, a nuestros DREAMers, a nuestras  mujeres TRABAJADORAS y a todos los más de 50 millones de latinos, que representamos la principal minoría en los Estados Unidos.

Celebrar nuestra herencia, es recordar que la población hispana orgullosamente tiene más de 500 años establecida en Norte América, es recordar que generación tras generación ha aportado su trabajo, su esfuerzo y su cultura para consolidar el poderío de esta nación.

Celebremos recordando, que con el 16% de la población de los Estados Unidos, nuestro trabajo y esfuerzo año con año se ve mejor representado en los procesos electorales, resultando nuestra comunidad uno de los más importantes bloques de votantes. Es por esto que LCLAA seguirá defendiendo el derecho al voto de la comunidad latina.

Es momento de permanecer más unidos que nunca ante los retos que enfrenta nuestra comunidad. Es momento de luchar juntos por la Reforma Migratoria y exigir a los congresistas la representación que merecen los hispanos. 

Es momento de luchar por mejorar las condiciones de trabajo para nuestra gente y de luchar por trabajos dignos y salarios justos, a sabiendas de que conformamos el grupo poblacional con el menor ingreso en el país, es decir con los salarios peor remunerados. Luchemos por mantenernos unidos y apoyar la educación de nuestros hijos, y los derechos de nuestras mujeres TRABAJADORAS, de nuestros DREAMers y nuestra gente.

Celebremos el Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana, recordando que la comunidad latina, con más de 22 millones de personas en la fuerza laboral del país, ha alcanzado un poder adquisitivo de aproximadamente un trillón de dólares, beneficiando al desarrollo de la economía estadounidense. 

LCLAA seguirá defendiendo con orgullo el trabajo, luchando por la dignidad, justicia y derechos de la comunidad hispana.

LCLAA festeja la grandeza de nuestros pueblos y nuestras culturas, la grandeza de nuestro pasado y nuestro presente. ¡LCLAA celebra nuestra Herencia!



LCLAA Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month.

LCLAA is very proud to represent the interests of the more than 2 million unionized Latino workers in the United States and Puerto Rico, especially while celebrating the National Hispanic Heritage Month.

To celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month is to celebrate the values, hard work and passion of the millions of Latino families across America. By celebrating our heritage in this month, we celebrate our families, our DREAMers, our TRABAJADORAS, our workers and all the more than 50 million Latinos that together represent the largest minority in the United States.

Celebrating our heritage is proudly recognizing that Hispanic population has been living in America for more than 500 years. Celebrating our heritage is remembering how throughout generations the Latino community has helped this nation to consolidate its power.   

Lets celebrate remembering that we constitute 16% of America´s population. Our political importance is now transcendental for both political parties if they want to win elections. The Latino community is now one of the must important voting blocs in this country, and together we have the power to make change happen.

LCLAA will continue advocating for the Voting Rights of Latinos. We are convinced this is the time to be united against the challenges of our community. This is the time to fight for Immigration Reform and to demand Congress to pass this legislation.

This is the time to fight for improving working conditions, to fight against disparities in earnings and considerable lower wages than the rest of the population of this country. Lets fight united for the education of our children, for the rights of our TRABAJADORAS, of our DREAMers and our people.

Lets celebrate the National Hispanic Heritage Month remembering that the Latino community is growing faster and our purchasing power is valued at approximately $1 trillion. Lets celebrate our important contribution to the economy of the United States.

LCLAA’s mission is to advocate for dignity in the jobs of our workers; and to continue to fight for  he rights and justice of the Latino community. 

LCLAA celebrates the greatness of our peoples and our cultures, the greatness of our past and our present. LCLAA celebrates our Heritage!

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The labor movement has a rich history in the state of Michigan. On Tuesday that history was dealt a major blow. The Michigan legislature rammed through and the Governor signed “freedom to work” (freedom to freeload) legislation into law. No committee hearings, no public debate, lock the doors to the capital and hide behind the heavily guarded doors and pass whatever laws you can during a lame duck session. Frightening!

 For those of us that spent several days chanting, singing, making phone calls, meeting with our legislators and planning the rally that brought nearly 20,000 workers to the steps of and inside the capital; it is almost enough to make us want to give up.

b2ap3_thumbnail_blog-pic-1.jpg(Left-UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada is interviewed; right-Greater Lansing LCLAA Vice President Michael Huerta protesting at the Michigan state capital)

We in the labor movement have a habit of losing perspective. We often forget the long hours and hard work that made our victories possible. Can you imagine a world in which Dr. King had given up after the first time he met opposition? 


Can you imagine a world in which Cesar Chavez and the UFW’s demands weren't met they gave up during the grape boycotts? (the boycott lasted 10 years)

b2ap3_thumbnail_blog-pic-3.jpg Can you imagine a world where Owen Beiber, of the UAW, had never pressured the Apartheid regime in South Africa to release Nelson Mandella or had given up the first time he was rebuffed?



Can you imagine a world without child labor laws, safety standards, Civil Rights, human rights and workers’ rights? We are a part of something much bigger than we imagine. We are a part of a movement. Our struggles will continue long after we are gone and they began long before we were born. Our rich legacy that provided us with the labor laws, workplace safety, vacations, benefits and wages demands that we continue to fight. We must also remember that we forge the legacy that future generations will battle to keep. As Dr. King reminded us “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” We must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and continue the work of the labor movement. Temporary setbacks are just that – temporary. The long lists of contributions from labor to the world were all earned through hard work, long battles and patience.  It is our responsibility to continue these struggles - this is the cost of our legacy! 



Michigan Right to Work Rally in front of State Capitol.

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This black Friday, thousands of Wal-Mart workers will hit the streets to protest the unfair working environment. The workers don’t ask much but the necessary to improve their lives.

What do Wal-Mart workers want?

Better pay, why? Because the wages average is just $8.81/hour.

Fair Schedules, why? Because Workers are forced into “flexible” which means shorter shifts making it difficult to schedule their lives

Affordable health care, why? Because in two years Wal-Mart has twice raised the number of hours that part-time employees need to qualify for health benefits. 


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