We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community... Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.”---
Cesar Chavez

Who we are:
Join_LCLAAThe Labor Council for Latin American Advancement is a 501 (c )3 non-profit that advances social, political and economic justice for Hispanics throughout the Americas.  LCLAA’s future reflects its 37 year history as an advocacy organization empowering Latino working families.  Its policy platform and educational programs are based on a commitment to high standards in both the quality of the research that forms the foundation of its advocacy work and the estimated impact that changes in government policy will have on the welfare of the Latino community.  LCLAA’s work is based on a three-tiered approach promoting integration through community-building, leadership development, political empowerment and civic participation.

Why our work is so critical:
Since its inception in 1972, LCLAA has been committed to bringing Labor, community leaders, political and policymakers together to forge an agenda of social change that not only benefits the Latino community, but the entire hemisphere.  Because our unique position inside the house of Labor, LCLAA has been able to harness its training and discipline by organizing Hispanics both inside and outside of the labor movement.  As we face a new era of demographic growth, the needs of both the country and of the Hispanic community have broadened thus requiring a revitalized engagement that moves Latinos to become more deeply involved in policymaking and civic participation.  LCLAA has the unique capacity to not only increase the number of Latino voters and their civic engagement, but to also develop a pipeline of new leadership prepared to take tomorrow’s challenges.

How we do it:
Through a combination of quality and objective policy research, pioneering solutions, and creative partnerships, LCLAA establishes new lines of problem-solving for government, Labor and society taking into account emerging trends and the unique needs of burgeoning Hispanic demographics. LCLAA combines traditional organizing techniques with culturally-relevant approaches to bring together Latino leaders with labor, non-governmental organizations, and local political leadership.  Using its educational programs and targeted training as a vehicle, LCLAA prepares the next generation of Latino labor, community, and political leaders.

Why we need to grow:
Since its inception, LCLAA changed the way we conduct campaigns and engage voters.  Now, more than ever, we need to continue to build our strength so that we can continue to engage thousands of Latino volunteers to participate in activism, advocacy, and voter mobilization.  In this election cycle, we have another chance to use our political muscle as a trusted messenger.