Declaration of Principles


Latin Americans are mostly working people. Therefore, we have a need for union jobs with adequate pay and healthcare, well-resourced and staffed schools to educate our children, decent housing and fair access to resources in one of the richest countries in the world.

We, Latin Americans, have found the labor movement to be the most effective ally in the achievement of our needs and aspirations as working people.

As Latin American trade unionists, we have found that the organizational and political experiences we have gathered in our unions, place us in a position to make a substantial contribution to both the Latin American community and to the labor movement in general.

The traditional enemies of the aspirations of workers to a decent life are also the enemies of the aspirations of the Latin American people. It is, therefore, our intention to unite for a common goal in repelling the oppressive aims of such negative forces. To achieve these objectives we must first improve communication, education, and cooperation amongst ourselves as trade unionists, and the Latino community in general, and the rest of organized labor.

Accordingly, it is in this spirit that the LABOR COUNCIL FOR LATIN AMERICAN ADVANCEMENT is created in the pursuit of achieving social dignity, economic prosperity, environmental and political justice, and a decent standard of living for every Latin American worker and their families, and to serve as a vehicle to attain the respect and equality to which everyone of this great nation is rightfully entitled.