During this Month We Pay Tribute to All Latino and Immigrant Workers Who Contribute to Our Nation’s Success and We Extend a Call for Action to Continue Demanding Justice and Equality

Saturday September 15, 2018
Contact: Andrea Arenas:

WASHINGTON- The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement pays tribute to all Latino and immigrant workers. We play a critical role in our country’s history, culture and prosperity. 

Latinos constitute an estimated 18 percent of our nation’s population and whether it be as community leaders, farm workers, construction builders, teachers to name a few- we are at the heart of American life. However, we must continue to organize and stand against the current political climate: Inhumane immigration policies aimed at separating families, racial profiling, minimum wage and overtime violation laws, are just a few of the challenges our community faces. But we are resilient and together in this fight!  

As we celebrate our culture and achievements, we must also be aware of the importance of being civically engaged. Latinos are a growing constituency, our vote is key in many swing states. That means that we have the power to shape the future of this nation, but only if we head to the polls! 

As a proud Latina I would like to recognize the Hispanic community across our nation. Our contributions help enrich and shape this country,” said Yanira Merino LCLAA National President. “However, we need to continue leading the fight for our rights as Latino workers, as immigrants and as families who want, and have the right to remain united.” 

“We represent many countries and cultures, our diverse backgrounds helps knit the fabric which results in this nation,” said Hector E. Sanchez Barba, LCLAA Executive Director. “This month-long celebration is aimed at honoring the achievements of Latinos, and  recognizing that there is still a road ahead of us in which la lucha for our rights continues.”