Kavanaugh’s potential appointment to the highest court in the land could have an  impact on every single working family in the country

Wednesday October 10, 2018
Contact: Andrea Arenas:

WASHINGTON – The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement today expressed serious concern over the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the country’s highest court. Kavanaugh is a known conservative who can be expected to cast crucial votes aimed at re-shaping the future of our nation, and further eroding the rights of working people and unions.  

Judge Kavanaugh has an conservative agenda and an alarming track record of safeguarding wealthy people at the expense of the middle class. He has repeatedly ruled against employees who are seeking justice in the workplace. In 2016 this was made evident when he determined that employers can demand workers to waive their right to protest. His nomination would represent an attack on immigrants, civil and voting rights, healthcare, the right to choose and the environment.

The confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh could lead to the reversal of hard fought battles that have helped Americans enjoy their constitutional rights. This nomination occurs at a pivotal time, his confirmation could negatively impact the lives and liberties of future generations. 

This nomination represents a threat to labor rights, civil rights and even the future of our democracy, said Yanira Merino LCLAA National President. Americans need to vehemently reject this nomination because our nation needs a Supreme Court Justice that will respect and uphold our established legal rights.  

The U.S. Senate needs to reject this nomination and demand the president to choose  someone capable of restoring balance to the Supreme Court, said Hector E. Sanchez, LCLAA Executive Director. Our justice system needs to protect the rights of working families not the interests of corporations.