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Our hearts go out to all of those who have been impacted by the recent natural disasters, especially those who have lost loved ones. We have watched with sadness, shock and horror as hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and other parts of the Caribbean.  We know that this hurricane has had a catastrophic impact on homes, businesses, jobs, schools, critical infrastructure and so many areas that impair community members' ability to live their normal lives and meet their basic needs.

Since hurricanes first struck Texas and Florida in August, LCLAA has been actively seeking support and solutions for those who have been affected.  We have encouraged individuals to contribute to relief efforts with monetary and non-monetary donations. We are also advocating for concrete and immediate actions from the U.S. government and Congress to ease the suffering of those who have been afflicted so that they can begin the healing and rebuilding process. 

Our labor brothers and sisters and other workers are among Hurricane Maria’s many victims.  Like many across the island, they have suffered immeasurable losses. In order to compliment the ongoing humanitarian efforts, LCLAA is calling on our union and workers‘ rights familia to support workers in Puerto Rico and their rebuilding efforts by making a donation to this fund. We are Labor Strong and we stand with our hermanos and hermanas in Puerto Rico.

100% of your donations will be contributed to relief efforts in Puerto Rico.


Milton Rosado,

LCLAA’s National Board President

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Donation Information