19. New York State Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

AUGUST 4-8, 2008


19.    New York State Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Whereas, domestic workers sustain and care for the homes and families of thousands of New York residents; and

Whereas, the labor of housekeepers, nannies, and elderly caregivers enables New York's professionals to work, travel, and maintain New York City's status as a leader in the global economy; and

Whereas, the domestic workforce is largely comprised of immigrant women of color, a significant percentage of whom are Latina, who struggle to support their own families in the face of discrimination based on gender, race, and immigration status; and

Whereas, in spite of their significant contributions to the society and the economy, many domestic workers often suffer exploitation and abuse, such as working long hours for low wages, being deprived of health benefits and job security, and being subjected to verbal and/or physical abuse; and

Whereas, the historic and continued exclusion of domestic workers from federal and state labor laws, occupational safety and health laws, and anti-discrimination laws, all leaving domestic workers without legal recourse for many of the harms they suffer; and

Whereas, collective bargaining is a practical as well as legal impossibility for domestic workers, who often labor in isolation and in separate private households, often depending on their employers for shelter, food and transportation; and

Whereas, in 2004, the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights was introduced in the New York State Legislature; and

Whereas, the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights would include provisions for an annual cost of living wage increase, health insurance or wage supplement, overtime pay, vacation, sick and personal time, advance notice of termination and severance pay; and

Whereas, domestic workers deserve basic rights afforded other work sectors; and

Whereas, Latina domestic workers play a critical leadership role in the movement for dignity and respect for all workers; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that LCLAA will fully and actively support the passage of the New York State Domestic Workers Bill of Rights leading to respect, recognition, and reparations for domestic workers; and be it further

RESOLVED, that LCLAA will educate its members and allies about this important issue of labor and human rights for Latinos and all working families.

Respectfully submitted,
Albany/Capital District Chapter LCLAA / New York City LCLAA Chapter

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