AUGUST 4-8, 2008


Whereas: Governor Schwarzenegger’s cynical and mean spirited Order to terminate thousands of state workers and to slash California state workers’ salaries to the Federal minimum wage of $6.55/hour is a senseless diversion designed to shift blame from his own and his party’s failure to balance the California budget; and his failure to provide leadership. and

Whereas: Outraged at the governor’s plan to slash state workers’ pay to $6.55 per hour, workers are rallying frequently all over the state of California, telling the governor that workers will not be used and abused, whether in a political budget game or otherwise.

Whereas: While gas costs and foreclosures are rising, home values are plummeting and health insurance is increasingly unaffordable; while California is in crisis, the Governor has failed to make things better in California and is now trying to use state workers as pawns in a political game to get a budget passed; and

Whereas: Such Draconian measures threaten to seriously damage the lives of hundreds of thousands of workers and their families, preventing them from maintaining their homes, their children’s education and their way of life; and

Whereas: This Order would necessarily cause many state workers to seek other employment, and thereby further reduce the already compromised ability of the State of California and its government to provide services and operate effectively; and

Whereas: There are more logical and cost effective means to reduce California’s budget deficit of $15.2 billion dollars, including the raising of revenues.

Whereas: California Controller John Chiang has taken a stand in support of the workers saying that the state has enough money to pay its bills this month, including the salaries of all state workers at the full rate. “Preserving their full payment and their salary is the right thing to do,” Allies are lining up with Public workers to oppose governor’s action. A strong coalition of allies in the fight against the governor’s actions is forming which includes a number of top-ranking state officials. Lt. Governor John Garamendi and state Treasurer Bill Lockyer have joined in challenging the executive order. Scores of California legislators, 27 members of the California Congressional delegation and Union locals statewide have added their support, along with more than 30,000 Californians who have signed petitions opposing the governor.

Whereas: Lawsuits seeking to block the governor’s wage cuts and mass layoffs were filed immediately after the governor’s executive order, saying his actions violate provisions of the California constitution and state regulations governing personnel actions pertaining to state employees.

Therefore Be It Resolved: That LCLAA will mobilize its forces to help in the fight to nullify Governor Schwarzenegger’s Executive Order and its effects.

Finally Be It Resolved: Public workers are the backbone of essential services and deserve a fair wage for a fair day’s work. Any Governor or other politician who tries to balance a budget on the backs of working people and their families, and uses workers as pawns in a political budget game, must be condemned and held accountable. Playing with workers’ lives and livelihoods cannot be tolerated.