LCLAA Stands in Solidarity with The Sacramento City Teachers Association - LCLAA


As they announce they will hold their second one-day strike on May 22

-Cesar Chavez

May 2, 2019
Contact: Andrea Arenas / 202-316-1212

Washington D.C.- Less than one month ago, The Sacramento City Teachers Association, representing over 2,500 teachers and employees, went on a one-day strike, demanding the district to honor its 2017 agreement, which included directing health plan savings towards reducing class sizes, and hiring more health workers and counselors. 

However this agreement has not yet been implemented, thus SCTA has announced that they will go on strike on May 22. This will be the second time since 1989 that this union is forced to take this measure in order to defend their rights, still Teachers striking have opted to strike for only one day in order to minimize the impact that this may have on students. 

Teachers and employees who look after, and are responsible for educating our future generations deserve contracts that are capable of rewarding their hard work, and guarantee them fair labor practices. 

“LCLAA stands in solidarity with teachers, educators and school staff in Sacramento who are fighting for better working conditions.” said Yanira Merino LCLAA National President.  “These workers play a key role in the formation of our nation’s future generations, and as such the District needs to honor the agreement that was signed in 2017, we need to ensure that social and labor justice prevails!”

“LCLAA fully supports our sisters and brothers from The Sacramento City Teachers Association. This is not the first time that they face the struggles of having their labor rights violated.” Said Hector Sanchez Barba, LCLAA Executive Director. “Authorities need to be held accountable when they are not fulfilling their end of a contract, and going on strike is a step towards voicing this injustice that needs to end for the good of working families and our youth.”