LCLAA Celebrates the Life and Contributions of Cesar E. Chavez As we Continue to Work for a More Inclusive and Just Future

Cesar Chavez dedicated his life to improving the working conditions of thousands of farmworkers, whose labor fed families across our nation, yet would often face hunger due to low wages. His passion was working for his people, for his community, and organizing workers to demand fair wages, to improve working conditions, and to enhance the quality of life of working families.

Following Labor Delegation Visit, GA Familias Unidas Files An Imminent Danger Complaint with OSHA Against Foundation Food Group

GA Familias Unidas filed an Imminent Danger complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on behalf of multiple workers employed by Foundation Food Group. This complaint demands that OSHA use its legal authority to take Foundation Food Group to court and require it provide fundamental and necessary safety and health protections to workers at the facility.

LCLAA Applauds Efforts led in the House of Representatives in Passing the PRO Act As we Call on the Senate to Follow Suit

This week the House of Representatives passed the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act), aimed at guaranteeing workers’ the right to fully exercise their freedom to organize and bargain collectively. The ProAct is the most significant worker empowerment piece of legislation since the Great Depression. It would guarantee the protection of workers’ rights and enable workers to rebuild our nation’s economy fairly and grow our labor movement. 

WASHINGTON, DC— LCLAA applauds the introduction of the U.S. Citizenship Act

Today the Biden administration took a bold leap in ensuring a pathway for Citizenship for the more than 11 million undocumented people, including TPS holders, Dreamers, and Agricultural Workers in the United States. They are essential members of our communities. The “U.S. Citizenship Act,” an extensive common-sense bill introduced today by Senator Menendez, Rep. Linda Sanchez, leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and other members of Congress, seems to correct many of the inequities established by the previous administration that were deeply rooted in anti-immigration rhetoric.

LCLAA Stands by all TPS Recipients

As a U.S  territory of the United States, Puerto Rico cannot benefit from many of the social safety net programs afforded to all states. This can be seen in The United States vs. Vaello-Madero, Case Number 20-303, pending before the United States Supreme Court.


The White House Tuesday released a fact sheet indicating that President Joe Biden will sign an executive order directing federal agencies to review Trump public charge regulations that have effectively denied millions in immigrant families health care and economic support during the COVID-19 pandemic and threaten to undermine vaccination efforts. The announcement came just weeks after 500 nonprofit organizations affiliated with the Protecting Immigrant Families coalition sent a letter urging Biden to act quickly. 

LCLAA Urges our Newly Elected Senate to Serve Justice and Hold Accountable those who Attempted Against our Democracy

LCLAA is hopeful that upon the Senate’s return to The Hill, the newly elected representatives will act immediately to hold accountable all those involved in last week’s shameful events. Our communities are aware of the multiple challenges that lie ahead, from guaranteeing justice is served, to the longer-term task of forging a more inclusive nation for all.

We urge our leaders to come together, to heal the wounds of hate. To pass laws that can advance our communities, and can keep working families healthy and safe amid COVID-19. To pass laws that can keep these same working families together! To pass laws dictated by the moral, humane and decency values sacredly enshrined in our nation’s constitution.

Announcing the creation of the LCLAA Sí Podemos Fund

The LCLAA Sí Podemos Fund was created out of the need to expand our nation’s electorate, promote Latino and immigrant workers’ rights, and advance policies that can guarantee the advancement and well being of our communities. We find this endeavor to be critical for the future of Latino and immigrant working families, particularly in the wake of the political climate and polarization that our nation faces.

LCLAA Applauds the Supreme Court’s Ruling Banning Workplace Discrimination

LCLAA Applauds the Supreme Court’s Ruling Banning Workplace Discrimination

This week the Highest Court in the Land ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – which forbids job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or transgender status- also includes and applies to gay and trans people. This injunction is one of the most significant ones for the LGBTQ+ rights movement in recent years, as it will protect the 11.5 million LGB people and 1.5 million transgender people in our nation, from workplace discrimination.

LCLAA Repudiates the Brutal Murder of George Floyd

LCLAA Repudiates the Brutal Murder of George Floyd

Black people and people of color across the nation are terrorized by racist and discriminatory acts like the ones that ended in the death of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. LCLAA and APALA demand justice, and stand in solidarity with their families and communities.