LCLAA Applauds the Introduction of H.R.6, The Dream and Promise Act By Joining a Coalition of National Unions, We Are Continuing Efforts to Protect TPS, DACA and DED Holders - LCLAA



March 15, 2019
Contact: Andrea Arenas:

Washington DC-. Today the House of Representatives introduced the DREAM and PROMISE Act (HR6), aimed at protecting TPS, DED and DACA holders, and provide a permanent solution by creating a pathway to citizenship. The Trump administration has perpetrated a series of attacks aimed at eliminating protections for immigrants in these programs. Since 2016, the current administration has cut TPS for an estimated 400,000 people, who are parents to some 275,000 citizen children. For the time being a federal judge has temporarily blocked the termination of TPS for four countries, however this is not a solution as it does not include all TPS, DACA and DED holders, and it is not permanent. Today LCLAA joins Working Families United a coalition of seven labor unions, in demanding a permanent solution for these immigrant families. 

“Today we urge Congress to act, and to pass this legislation quickly, not only for the sake of our immigrant sisters and brothers, but also for our nation, and what we stand for,” said Yanira Merino, LCLAA National President. “Terminating TPS, DACA and DED would have a detrimental impact on all, and the human cost of this would be unfathomable. This coalition of unions endorse and support the Dream and Promise Act and we will stand by our community as we seek justice together through the passing of this much needed piece of legislation.”

We will not allow the Trump administration to create another inhumane family separation crisis. These women, men, young workers, and immigrant families are an essential part of this country, and it is time they are recognized as such,”said Hector Sanchez Barba, LCLAA Executive Director. “LCLAA will stand firmly and fully committed to supporting the Dream and Promise Act, ensuring these immigrant families can have a permanent pathway to citizenship.