Our Nation Is in Dire Need of a Humane and Inclusive Immigration Reform That Can Resolve the Situation of Millions of Immigrant Families

May 20, 2019
Contact: Andrea Arenas:

Washington D.C.- The Trump administration has presented its new immigration plan which thus far fails to address critical issues within our immigration system. This new plan does not provide important protections for DACA or TPS recipients, who play an essential role in the growth of our nation. This proposed plan would put a vast majority of immigrants at a disadvantage regarding requirements to be considered eligible to immigrate to the U.S. Furthermore this plan does nothing to reunite families that have been separated by this administration’s racist and inhumane immigration policies. 

This administration has proven to have an anti-immigrant, and xenophobic agenda. It has diverted $1.5 billion in funds from the Pentagon, to pay for a border wall that is nothing but a tribute to hatred and divisiveness. The White House is also working with Legislators to change the laws and allow children to be detained for up to 100 days at the border. 

“These measures have been introduced before, but shut down for good reasons; they are racist, discriminatory, inhumane, and above all, ignore underlying systemic issues,” said Yanira Merino LCLAA National President. “This administration  needs to understand that their proposed plan will achieve nothing but further family separations, and pain. We will not stand by and watch as our communities are divided, discriminated against, and hurt. Our voices, carrying the message of unity and justice will reverberate across every corner of our nation!”

“This administration does not seem to understand how much our nation depends on the very men, women and children that they are attacking, said Hector Sanchez Barba LCLAA Executive Director. “Our immigration system has been broken for years, but this administration- through its anti-immigrant agenda- has further divided our nation, while at the same time inflicting cruel and ruthless immigration strategies that have proven to fail. We must continue to push for an immigration system that focuses on the root causes of the problem.”