About Voting Rights

Latinos are one of the fastest-growing demographics in the United States, thus representing key constituencies within a growing number of swing states and districts across the country. With an approximate population of 50 million, civic participation of Latinos is essential to their empowerment towards political, social and economic advancement. However, voter turnout rates among Latinos remain a work in progress. Historically low numbers are directly correlated to the lack of investment in Latino civic participation projects. Voter suppression efforts implemented across the nation, such as laws requiring voter ID’s, and reducing the number of early voting days, have also had a negative impact on Latino communities trying to exercise their right to vote.

LCLAA organizes and advocates ensuring that Latinos are not denied their constitutional 15th amendment right to vote.

LCLAA demands the protection of our voting rights and firmly opposes any legislation that is detrimental to the registration and turnout of Latino and minority voters.

LCLAA organizes voter registration drives and educational campaigns to educate voters about their rights. LCLAA promotes political inclusiveness of all individuals at all levels of our government.