About Women’s Rights

LCLAA advocates for the advancement of Latinas by shedding light on issues that affect their lives, families and communities. Our objective is to provide timely information to eradicate workplace discrimination, promote safe working conditions and elevate voices. .

Trabajadoras Fellowship

LCLAA designed its Trabajadoras Fellowship to empower Latina workers by providing them with information they need to improve their working conditions and organize Latina workers to advance their priorities. This one year program prepares fellows to promote gender equity within their communities, engage in coalition building, participate, and coordinate civic engagement efforts, and raise awareness about Latina worker priorities, including closing the gender wage gap.

Women’s Right

By 2060, 27% of women in the U.S. will be Latina

Latinas now represent 8.7% of the total U.S. population, which is 27.9 million.

Trabajadoras Campaign

Latina workers earn 53 cents for every dollar earned by white non-Hispanic men, the largest income gap in the nation. They are more likely to suffer wage theft violations than their male Latino counterparts. To make matters worse, 77 percent of them report sexual assault as being a major workplace issue. In light of these findings, LCLAA launched its Trabajadoras campaign, a wide-reaching education and engagement program that highlights the difficulties faced by Latinas inside and outside of the workplace. Through this campaign, LCLAA looks to empower Latinas to speak out and ensure their rights, both at work and at home.


Latina women in unions earn 28%
more than their non-union counterparts


Latina women who have joined
a union earn $235 more per week

Latinas are among the most adversely affected by the gender pay gap, earning 54 cents for every dollar a white, non-Hispanic man makes. In order for Latinas to make what a White man earns in one year, they must work over 300 more days into the next calendar year. This wage gap has a detrimental impact on Latinas, their families and communities.

Latina Equal Pay Day

Latina workers lose more due to the wage gap
It is estimated that Latina workers stand to lose more than $1 million over a 40-year period due to the wage gap.
If the gender pay gap does not improve, Latinas have a lot to lose:
$28,036 every year, which translates to $1,121,440 over the course of a 40-year career. 
If we eliminate the wage gap
If we eliminate the wage gap, the typical Latina would earn enough for: Almost 37 more months of child care; Three additional years of tuition at a public university; orNearly 20 additional months of premiums for employer-based health insurance.